Welcome to The Hump! Podcast …. In episode 22 of The Hump! Podcast: Marriage Pt. — The Fellas ….  hosts Brent Bowen and Chad Beland talk the sanctity of marriage.

Ironically, they record episode 22 and discuss the married life on the week of Chad’s 22nd wedding anniversary. So … how did they each meet their spouse? They also chat what they value in their marriage. And is the saying true, “when you marry … you marry the family?” In the coming weeks, listen for the ladies reaction in Part 2.

The Hump! Podcast Episode 22 Show Notes – Marriage

If You Missed The First Several Episodes

Miss the first several episodes of The Hump! Show?

In Ep. 22 of The Hump! Podcast, Brent & Chad Talk About … Marriage

Palace anyone? The new studio is a bit of a shock to Chad! P.S. Becca tells Brent he must wear shoes.

But before they get in trouble talking about marriage, Brent and Chad  …

  • What we’re up to …
    • April was so AWESOME … Brent, in particular, didn’t want it to end
    • Brent scored close to a cool grand, winning The Charlie Hustle NCAA Tournament bracket
    • Chad hit his share of shows, including Alice Merton at The RecordBar
    • Both sound Avengers: End Game. Brent “enjoyed” it a second time at the new B&B Theater 4D Screen. It was cool, but getting your ass kicked for a three-hour movie was a bit much
    • Game of Thrones! We talk Game of Thrones! Game of Thrones!
    • An Open Belly Podcast Event at Parlor in the Crossroads
    • Brent’s first visit to EJs Urban Eatery
    • Stowers Institute’s Big Ideas Event. Paleontology has never been so cool.
    • Startland News Live podcast
    • Trying new breweries Transport and Servaes
    • Helping KCYA bring Destination Imagination to KC, the largest conference in the city since 2008. Doling out tickets to Tony Award Winning Star of Hamilton Renee Elise Goldsberry September event with the Kansas City Symphony.
    • Oh … and a little thing called Easter with family (facepalm).
    • Brent tried to enjoy the Tap Tour 3 Release Party, but buddy Hunter was more interested in chatting with Channel 5 about Tyreek Hill (Oh boy!).

This Week’s Topic — Marriage … Or Is It … Mawage?

The fellas discuss marriage at their own risk. (Brent is pretty certain this episode will be dissected many different ways over the coming weeks — more so perhaps than even season eight of Game of Thrones.) Still, they trudge onward. Very much at risk of getting something horribly wrong. One only needs to listen to this week’s Triple D.


How Fellas Think About Marriage

Brent and Chad quiz each other on different aspects of married life:

  • They discuss how they each met their respective spouses. Was Chad’s fate all along to marry his wife? And Brent had to make amends with a friend before he was even allowed to speak with his bride to be.
  • What do they each find important in their marriage? Laughter. Sure. Communication. Every bit as critical. (Does bickering count?)
  • You need that laughter once you have kids. The fellas chat how kids changed the dynamics of their relationship with their wives?
  • Hope no one from the family listens to this show. Brent and Chad react to the adage, “when you marry … you marry the family.”
  • Surprises. They chat things they didn’t expect out of their marriage. Mostly good. But surprising nonetheless.
  • And … they consider the future, talking about how their marriages have changed over the years as well as things they look forward to with their respective spouses.
  • If you’re looking for any discussion of sex, that will have to wait until Brent and Chad bring a KC-area relationship coach on as a guest.
Aww … aren’t they cute. We talk about Chad & Di’s zipline adventure on Ep. 20: Bucket List.

And This Episode’s Game of “Triple D” …

To close out The Hump! Podcast … Brent and Chad play a quick round of Triple D.

What’s Triple D?

They throw out a scenario … and discuss whether it’s a DICK, DOUCHE or DUMBASS move …

This week’s Triple D move — What do you call someone who asks you to do something — is never pleased with it — so they redo it anyway?

We discuss and debate on the show, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments (keep it clean folks, as they reserve the right to delete any personal attacks or defamatory information).

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