Welcome to The Hump! Podcast …. In episode 15 of The Hump! Podcast: Long Weekend Trips ….  hosts Brent Bowen and Chad Beland talk their annual long weekend trip with the wives.

It’s the Bowen Beland weekend. Or is it Beland Bowen?

This year … it’s year eight. And the destination is Seattle.

But before they go, they recount memorable moments from the prior seven years.

In this episode, they talk eating three breakfasts in San Francisco, almost getting struck by lighting in Pennsylvania and hiking our way to a craft beer picnic in Oregon’s Columbia River Gorge region.

As for this week’s round of Triple D, if you’ve been to a little league baseball or YMCA basketball game, you know….

So … now onto the misadventures of the Bowen Beland, Beland Bowen excursions ….

The Hump! Podcast Episode 15 Show Notes – BB8 Seattle

If You Missed The First Several Episodes

Miss the first several episodes of The Hump! Show? You can watch replays on Facebook or listen to them:

In Ep. 15 of The Hump! Podcast, Brent & Chad Chat The Annual Fall Trip …

But before learning all about the annual Beland Bowen, Bowen Beland excursion, they  …

And chat about what they’ve got going on:

This Week’s Topic and Segment — Long Weekend Trips Across the U.S.

In their annual long-weekend trip discussion, Brent and Chad chat:

  • They tell people about Bowen Beland / Beland Bowen annual trip. Destinations to date include:
    • New York
    • San Francisco / Napa
    • Philadelphia
    • Chicago
    • Portland, Oregon
    • Kansas City
    • Minneapolis
    • Upcoming: Seattle
  • Which of those trips were their respective favorites?
  • What were some of the most memorable moments? Examples:
    • Dodging lightning and ghosts in New Hope, Pennsylvania
    • Taking a picnic at Multnomah Falls
    • Visiting the 911 Memorial in New York
    • Drinking beer in Minneapolis — We just did a whole episode about beer in Minneapolis (And the sport of “Over 40 Parkour”)
    • Sampling wine in Napa wine country
    • Taking in a Chiefs game at Big Charlie’s in Philadelphia
    • Waiting out the lack of excitement at the Fire on the River in Chicago

The Hump! Prepping for the Long Weekend Trip to Seattle

Putting Brent in a craft beer mecca like Seattle is really a bad idea. See what happened when Napa let him in.

Segment … BB8 … Seattle!

What are they looking forward to in Seattle?

  • Drinking some craft beer, including a stop at Lagunitas Brewing Taproom
  • Sporting KC vs. Seattle Sounders at Centurylink
  • Hitting some museums, including Chihuly Garden and Glass
  • Grabbing a biscuit at Biscuit Bitch
  • ??

A Quick Pre-Triple D Tangent

Before they launch into Triple D, Chad throws down the gauntlet and posits whether:


As an example, could a douche move, prompt a dick response that turns everyone into dumbasses. It’s plausible. If you have a scenario, we’d love to hear it.

And This Episode’s Game of “Triple D” …

To close out The Hump! Podcast … Brent and Chad play a quick round of Triple D.

What’s Triple D?

They throw out a scenario … and discuss whether it’s a DICK, DOUCHE or DUMBASS move. This episode’s Triple D move.

This week’s Triple D move — What do you call … “The sports parent who thinks their kids going pro?”

We discuss and debate on the show, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments (keep it clean folks, as they reserve the right to delete any personal attacks or defamatory information).

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