Welcome to The Hump! Podcast …. In episode 12 of The Hump! Podcast: Fortnite with Gen Z ….  host Brent Bowen and guest hosts Grant and Isabelle keep the seats warm while Chad continues his European tour.

The teenage co-hosts as well as 12-year-old producer “D” talk favorite travel destinations, 80s movies and the video game phenomena that is Fortnite. With a pre-teen producer, this episode’s first 10 minutes are back-up audio. You’re forewarned.😉

And Phoggy the Pug makes a return, as well as Becca and … why not … let’s invite Ripley the Mutt, too.

Amidst all of this unofficial fun, Isabelle gets in several digs on Grant. What could possibly make a teenage boy cry? Listen to find out …

The inmates are running the asylum! Time to hear why teachers truly are underpaid ….

The Hump! Podcast Episode 12 Show Notes – Fortnite Gen Z

If You Missed The First Several Episodes

Miss the first several episodes of The Hump! Show? You can watch replays on Facebook or listen to them:

In Ep. 12 of The Hump! Podcast, Brent & The Kids Talk Fortnite Gaming!

But before learning all about the kids, they  …

  • Share several toasts without beers this week, so we’re toasting with LaCroix!
  • They provide their Toasts of The Week to …

This Week’s Topic and Segment— Fortnite with Gen Z

In the gaming discussion, Brent and the kids chat:

The Kids Travel and Outdoor Adventures

  • They discuss their summer trip to Big Cedar Lodge. Brent’s particularly excited about Big Cedar Lodge’s new attraction, Fun Mountain, which features a Pitfall-style ropes course (i.e. the area below is filled with the peril of alligators and pythons) … and go-karts.
  • Or how about canoeing and paddle boarding …

“D” enjoying some paddle boarding at Big Cedar.

Brent Gets Schooled on Fortnite

  • The kids explain what Fortnite is … and why it’s a phenomena …
  • How many hours would you guess the kids play Fortnite? And … why do they watch YouTube videos about the game?
  • Do they think they play Fortnite too much?
  • How would they describe their demeanor while playing the Fortnite?
  • Who are some of their favorite people to watch play video games on YouTube?
    • How fun is it really to watch other people? Why?
  • How many female Fortnite players do they know of out there?
  • Why do they say it’s easier to win the Fortnite on Xbox than Playstation?
  • So … they just released Fortnite for the Nintendo Switch … adding 2M accounts (with some controversy) how do you think adding the Switch will be different than playing on a mobile device?

Game of 80s Movie Knowledge

We review a list of some popular 80s movies and play a game of “have you seen it?” with the kids. One member of the group is woefully in need of a #movication. We discuss the following classics:

  • Adventures in Baby Sitting
  • Back To The Future
  • Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure
  • The Breakfast Club
  • Die Hard
  • ET
  • Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
  • Footloose
  • Ghostbusters
  • The Goonies
  • Gremlins
  • The Karate Kid
  • The Princess Bride
  • Star Wars

And This Episode’s Game of “Triple D” …

To close out The Hump! Podcast … Brent and Chad play a quick round of Triple D.

What’s Triple D?

They throw out a scenario … and discuss whether it’s a DICK, DOUCHE or DUMBASS move. This episode’s Triple D move. And it’s travel-related at that:

This week’s Triple D move — What do you call … “Someone who gets in a fight just to post the video on social media?”

We discuss and debate on the show, but feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments (keep it clean folks, as they reserve the right to delete any personal attacks or defamatory information).

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